10 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad

10 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad

10 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad
10 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad

10 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Scholarship to Study Abroad


Applying for scholarships to study abroad may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! If you think about all the benefits that studying abroad can offer, it should make your decision much easier. In fact, there are numerous reasons why you should apply for a scholarship to study abroad (especially one from Bonsai Education). Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should do just that!


1) Becoming an International Student Gives You The Opportunity To Meet New People From Around The World

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting experiences you can undertake as a student. Going abroad and meeting people from different cultures, backgrounds, and points of view is an invaluable experience and will benefit you not only in your future career but also in your personal life. There are many ways that making friends with international students can impact your life for years to come. For example, lifelong friendships have been formed by students who have studied abroad together or attended local universities or language schools around their host country. Another example includes meeting someone while on vacation or at a hostel who ends up working with you on a project years later or even marrying them! The opportunity to meet new people may be one of the biggest benefits to studying abroad, but it is definitely not one of its least important ones!


2) Living in Another Country Will Force You To Learn A New Language

Living in another country doesn’t just mean you’ll have to get used to new customs and food, it means you’ll have no choice but to learn a whole new language. If you want an opportunity that will force you out of your comfort zone, look into studying abroad in Italy. In most cases, students are required to take classes taught in Italian. This may sound intimidating at first but with some hard work and perseverance, living in another country will give you an incredible opportunity: learning how to communicate with people from all around the world.


3) Going On Exchange Will Help You See The World In A Different Light

A once-in-lifetime experience, studying abroad allows you to have new experiences and help build your future. If you’re worried about language barriers or being uncomfortable in different cultures, don’t be. You will have everything you need and more when you are overseas, such as professional English teachers and country guides who will assist with any issues that may arise. We hope that if you win a scholarship to study abroad, that you take advantage of it! Everyone deserves to get out of their comfort zone and see what else is out there. Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity just because of fear or anything else stopping you from taking initiative! Apply today! There is no reason not to. Let’s make some travel plans together!


4) There Are Scholarships For Most Things

With thousands of scholarship opportunities out there, you’re likely eligible for more than you realize. A quick search on Google will reveal tons of resources and scholarships available to students. There are even scholarships that support studying abroad! Don’t believe us?


5) Learning New Skills Is Incredibly Valuable In Today’s Job Market

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be considered for a job or given an opportunity simply because you went abroad. It is, however, incredibly likely that having work experience in another country will make you more marketable when applying for jobs back home. The ability to communicate effectively in another language and have knowledge of local culture is something many employers find very valuable—especially if you can show them how it has impacted your personal development and shaped your career path. Scholarships Will Fund Your Education and Living Expenses: Many scholarships are given based on merit, but some are available just because of your field of study or major.


6) Global Citizenship Is Valued Everywhere

I was just in London last month, and I can tell you that there’s no place on earth like it. If you’re lucky enough to live in London, be sure to explore every nook and cranny; there are some spectacular spots that are worth checking out (if not living). But even if you don’t live in London, there are always opportunities: study abroad or intern with an organization overseas, use travel rewards points to get free flights and hotels while vacationing somewhere new. And if you have roots elsewhere—family history, birth country, heritage—take a trip back once in awhile. The world is huge and diverse; invest time in it. It’ll make your life richer.


7) Networking Has Never Been Easier Than It Is At An International University

Today’s international university student is more cosmopolitan than ever before. These global-minded students already know several languages and study abroad in their spare time. International universities provide abundant opportunities for like-minded students to mingle and collaborate during weekend excursions, sporting events and academic gatherings. With so many cultural experiences being shared amongst people who speak different languages, there’s never been an easier time to network with colleagues from around the world. Now that you know why you should apply for a scholarship, you’re just minutes away from launching your search on Scholarships4students !


8) Studying And Working Overseas Will Give You Experience That Can’t Be Replicated In The Classroom

Even if you’re living in a city where English is widely spoken, immersing yourself in another culture will help open your mind to new ideas and perspectives. And who knows, it might even lead you to start your own business! There’s also no doubt that studying abroad is an excellent way to gain experience while you’re still young. If you don’t end up using your degree after all, then at least you’ve built on your resume and gained valuable skills that could prove useful later on down the line. Travel Will Open Your Eyes To The World: No matter how many times we’ve heard about it on travel shows, most of us really have no idea what life is like outside of our home country—and that’s pretty normal.


9) Taking Advantage Of An Educational Opportunity Like This Will Always Come Back Around To Benefit You, Even If Others Don’t Notice Right Away

No matter what, studying abroad is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. While you may feel like your friends or family don’t understand why you want to go overseas and possibly never return, it’s important to understand how much that scholarship will benefit you in your future career. Earning a degree from another country can really open doors once you’re back in America; especially when many companies are willing to pay more for someone who has studied abroad.



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