How to finance your PhD studies: Scholarships available for UNSW Canberra students

How to finance your PhD studies: Scholarships available for UNSW Canberra students

How to finance your PhD studies: Scholarships available for UNSW Canberra students
How to finance your PhD studies: Scholarships available for UNSW Canberra students

How to finance your PhD studies: Scholarships available for UNSW Canberra students


Are you interested in a PhD but worried about how to finance your studies? Scholarships can provide the funding you need to study at some of the world’s best universities, and Australia is no exception to this. Take advantage of these ten great scholarships currently available for UNSW Canberra students!


There are a lot of scholarships out there

You’ll need to find one that matches your field of study and career aspirations. However, if you want to study at university in Australia, there are several great scholarships on offer. At UNSW Canberra, you can apply for entry-level scholarships based on merit and/or financial need. The minimum marks required vary depending on course level and discipline; however, it’s possible to get a scholarship even if you don’t meet these requirements as long as you have a passion for what you plan to study. Keep reading about financial aid opportunities below!


Keep looking – everyone receives different results

It’s important to remember that different universities will offer different scholarships. This means that even if you’ve searched and found a scholarship at one school, it doesn’t mean they all share the same offers. We can tell you from experience, it is well worth applying for as many scholarships as possible in order to increase your chances of securing financial assistance for further study. Keep researching and don’t limit yourself to just one school – you might find more than one scholarship that meets your needs!


Don’t give up!

The process of applying for a scholarship may seem long and arduous, but there’s no reason to give up! Finding a scholarship takes time and effort, so keep at it. Visit our scholarships page, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates about our scholarships. If you have any questions about seeking or applying for a scholarship please contact our student services team at [email protected] with Scholarship Question in your subject line. We’re here to help! Good luck.


Prepare a cover letter when you apply

A cover letter can be an invaluable tool when you’re applying for scholarships. For starters, it allows you to take control of the scholarship application process, which is what most people should do. These are typically government-funded awards given out by agencies such as a state education department or a branch of Congress and—like job applications—you don’t have any power over who wins them. It’s better if you can apply yourself. A cover letter also allows you to play up whatever attributes make you more qualified than others vying for similar awards and it’s a good idea to mention why exactly you want that particular award rather than just accepting whatever wins from among numerous applicants.


Give yourself plenty of time to apply

If you have an idea, apply early. Not only will that give you time to pull together a decent application but it’ll give you time to make sure your research proposal is watertight. To be eligible for all of these scholarships, applicants must usually be enrolled in their final year of a PHD by June 30. And if you want more than one scholarship, there’s good news – most of them can run concurrently (so you can apply for two). But again, remember that deadlines are always looming so keep on top of everything and ask plenty of questions from your university advisor as you move through each stage.


Try applying earlier in the year if possible

You’ll have more time to prepare a solid application and will be competing against fewer people. A good portion of scholarships are announced in October and November, so you may want to start by looking at what’s already been announced. Start with scholarships that are specific to where you live, then go from there. For example, if you live in Texas, try applying for all of the Texas-based scholarships before looking at those outside of your state. The process is tedious and tiresome but it pays off in having a much higher chance of winning a scholarship.


Use social media but don’t become obsessed with it

Technology has changed virtually every facet of our lives. In business, social media is one of those facets that has recently become crucial in many different industries. Although you may be tempted to spend all of your time on social media when building a brand or promoting your business, it is important that you do not rely too heavily on it. If done correctly, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be powerful tools in growing your business and maintaining relations with customers. Just don’t let them take over. Social media can quickly consume businesses and it’s important that you keep up with technology trends but continue focusing on what brought you into business in the first place—your product or service.


Know what you want – some scholarships are better than others

Researching scholarships is a great place to start looking for funding; unfortunately, some are better than others. While there are a number of organizations offering financial aid to doctoral candidates, not all of them have their act together when it comes time to distribute funding. When you’re searching for scholarships, try and find one from an organization that requires applicants to list specific criteria they will be using in their decision-making process. This can help you narrow down search results that aren’t relevant and point you toward organizations that will actually be taking applications into consideration.


If it doesn’t come, be grateful

It’s scary to think that not everything we want is going to be handed on a silver platter. We may often think things like, Why won’t that organization give me a scholarship? Why can’t I find a teaching job? Why did my friend get chosen over me? I deserve it! It doesn’t make sense! Why am I being punished? Maybe they hate me… Stop right there. We have no way of knowing why certain things happen in our lives and maybe they are actually happening for a good reason.

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