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Athens’ Java Joy provides happiness and coffee for those who need

My mornings got better this week.

They got more expensive, but just a little bit. They became more calorie-laden, but that’s OK.

Without a doubt, my mornings got an upgrade. Yours can, too!

Being an astute observer of human nature, I know that you are dying to know what happened to magnify the enjoyment of my day. Enjoyment, with joy as the key, would be the operative word.

My mornings are better because now, when I complete the drudgery of my cardiac rehab workout each day, no matter how difficult it has been, I know that I can just walk down the hall at the Oconee campus of Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center on Jennings Mill Road and grab a cup of joe, or have a spot of tea – or maybe even a biscuit or pastry or stay for a salad – although my new friend, Colin, told me that nine in the morning was much too early to have a salt.

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